Stonehill Talks Tuition After Obama's Message to Colleges

Stonehill students weigh in on Obama's plan for colleges. And, other news from around the Easton campus.

By Craig Riotto

The Summit

President Obama delivered a hard message to colleges across America in his State of the Union Address.

“If you can’t stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down,”Obama said.

In his address, Obama also made a direct demand of Congress to extend the tuition tax credit and stop student loan interest from doubling in July.

What does this mean for Stonehill and its students?

Sophomore Gordon Soper, an engineering major, said Stonehill would benefit from the changes.

“Tuition has been gradually increasing every year,” he said. “If schools like Stonehill get more financial help from the government and bring tuition down, it will encourage students to apply to private schools rather than public state schools and community colleges.”

Junior econmics major, Rachel Sederberg, said the opposite will happen.

“Obama is threatening to cut federal aid to schools that don’t bring down tuition,” she said. “Private schools like Stonehill need to keep tuition higher than public schools in order to cover costs. So if tuition doesn’t come down enough for Obama, it will just widen the price gap between private and public schools, then public schools will be even more desirable which will make private schools less competitive.”

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Other News from The Summit:


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