What's Your One Request of the Returning College Kids?

Moving Day at Stonehill was last week. If you could get the returning college students to change one thing about how they act and interact, what would it be?

That low, steady hum you hear in the distance is thousands of U-Haul and Ryder trucks descending on the Brockton-Easton town line. Move-in day at Stonehill was last week, when hundreds of college kids return and move into their dorm rooms.

That means you'll see a lot more Stonehill sweatshirts at the local bars, coffee shops and convenience stores around Belmont and Washington Street.

If you had the chance to change one thing the college kids do in your neighborhood, what would it be? Would you rather they tone down the parties after 2 a.m., or stop using your favorite coffee shop for a social gathering? Or are we being too hard on the students, who bring a lot of spending power to local businesses and hungry parents to neighborhood restaurants? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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