Craig Has No Plans to Sell Olympic Equipment

1908 USA goaltender Jim Craig says he has no problem with teammate Mike Eruzione auctioning off Olympic items.

Mike Eruzione is selling his Olympic equipment from the 1980s gold medal winning USA hockey team.

Easton's Jim Craig, though, is keeping his, according to a report in the Boston Herald. He said he could never put the American flag he drapped around himself after winning the gold medal up for sale. 

“I think at some point in time I might think of the Smithsonian,” Craig said. “Make a donation like that.”

Craig also still has his goalie mask and jerseys from the Olympics.

The former Oliver Ames and Boston University standout understands why his former teammates is putting his things on the block.

“Well, I think he’s doing it for all the right reasons," said Craig in the Boston Herald. 

Eruzione said he said he put the jersey in the auction block to see what he could do help others.

""I'm not broke! I'm not doing this for my own purpose or gain, in fact, it's not for my purpose at all," said Eruzione on espn.com. "I think I can do a lot of good for others with what I get. My first grandson, Michael, was born a week ago. I've thought about his future and the cost of tuition for my daughter and things like that."

According to yahoo.com, Eruzione is putting hs Finland game jersey, his suit from the gold medal ceremony, his opening ceremony clothing, his stick from the game against the Soviet Union, his cowboy hat, the shoulder pads and gloves he wore during the tournament.  

Eruzione said he won't sell his gold medal as long as he is alive, but he did give his children the OK to sell if it would help them. 

Craig, who now lives in Florida, will be part of an upcoming National Geographic documentary "The 80s."






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